Wordless poetry (Parviz Meshkatian)

“Shere Bivasueh”,s book published at seven volumes which include of collection note is written about music and fines of musical by Parviz Meshkatian. Speaking to mehr reporter, said: This book consist ofmusic without word for all musical which is written the collection of melody music Iranian and I hope if publish after natively.

Asked what was your purpose written of this book? He said, It is necessary to learn lines of music to art music Iranian. It is required to write a book about different in a range of music unfit art students familiarize to whole of lines.

Truly, writing of this book isn’t title. In my opinion various in presenting and learning lines of music is very essential Parviz Meshkatian conclude by erason of this is shown the same with two prelude. But I was presented all my centealization in various lines of music in my book ” Mehdi Akhavan” and “Ahmad” Interestingly enough this case is in the their wordy with time, such as Shamlou, Forogh Farokhzad. Knowing the background an ancient literature and warms regard of lines in music, I expressed another kind of lines in music.