Wordless poetry first volume

Shere Bivasueh & Parviz Meshkatian is published. ” Shere Bivasueh”s book is one of the prominent writings of Parviz Meshkatian is presented to the book market. Irana said: This book consist of seven volumes and the first volume is published. Parviz Meshkatian Santur musician and composer tild to theran book news: The next volume is ready and in order of publishing, He continued to his art students and adherents: The purpose of this book is written to develop the view and vision of students and I hope it useful. “Shere Bivasueh” is a kind of training book to use art students. He pointed that book publisher is “Alireza javaheri” and this poem book is a sample of musical which contained more than 10 to 15 different prelude for art students.